2012 In Review

As I am attempting to update this beautiful new website, I realize that there are too many images to add separate posts for each session I want to include! It is so hard to decide on one or two images per session, as I love so many of them. I figured the best option would be to add a few more per session and throw them all in a slideshow: 2012 in Review!  I will also add posts of some recent sessions, but for now, enjoy. It’s fairly long, so grab a yummy beverage and get comfy! 😀



This session with my amazing, beautiful, hilarious sister was SO FUN. Love her!!!!!!!



This has gotta be one of my favorites. We were joking about the woods looking a little creepy in places, and this is her “The Zombies Are Coming!!” face. BAHAHA.


Heeeee 🙂







Testing a post with an image from an event I did this morning at my church. Families came and did Christmas related activities, including making gingerbread houses! SO FUN!

Under Construction!

Hello everyone!

Thanks so much for visiting. My website is very much under construction right now… thanks for bearing with me as I get it all up and running! I’ll be posting photos, posts, and updates very soon!!